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 Whilst out shopping a couple of weeks back i popped into my local Tk Maxx branch, Tk Maxx is one of those marmite kind of situations. You either love trying to find a bargain on a treasure hunt or you cant handle the hassle, very love hate for a shopper. I however have grown to love it & lets be honest everyone loves to save money so it just makes logical sense to me =)

I’ve been in love with the Kardashians for years, Yes yes yes i am aware of how they got famous and how unusual their lifestyle is, but they are strong inspirational business women who are just normal people, who experience the same life dilemmas as we do, they just decided to film theirs.

When the Kardashian brand landed in the UK with Dorothy Perkins it was a very baffling choice in my opinion & obviously they agreed because their next line launched with Lipsy which makes more sense of a match to me for their target market.

Tk maxx only had a small collection of The Kardashian jewellery line  & this necklace stood out the most, its a gold chain with black & clear jewels definitely my style but not something i have in my collection, i usually go for gold or silver chains in different styles, very plain and simple. This necklace however, is so beautiful. Its really light which put me off at first because i thought ‘oh this will break after a couple wears =(‘ But its worked out in my favour to be light, no one wants to strain their neck over some necklace, well i don’t anyway =) I teamed this piece with small studs and a small gold ring, I wanted the necklace to be my main feature.

Its recommend retail price is £25.00 and in Tk maxx it was £12.99, so as you can imagine i left my treasure hunt very satisfied that day!!

Not all Tk maxx’s have a jewellery counter, but if your local store does i recommend nipping in I’ve picked up some beautiful jewellery that’s really unique and different to what you would find any where else on the high street. You can always shop their online site too if your not a fan on the hunt…Tk maxx

Let me know if you’ve found any amazing bargains in Tk maxx